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► As of Friday, more than 20 million cases of COVID-19 have been recorded in the United States. More than 346,000 died, according to Johns Hopkins University data, With the United States struck 300,000 dead was unimaginable Just weeks ago. Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, warned earlier that the country could reach 450,000 deaths before February 1, days before the first anniversary of the first known death of COVID-19 in the United States.

Dr Anthony Fauci, the nation’s chief infectious disease expert, said Newsweek It is very likely that the COVID-19 vaccine will become required when traveling to other countries. “Everything will be up for discussion,” Fauci said. Israel announced earlier this month that residents who receive the COVID-19 vaccine will receive a “green passport” that gives them “certain benefits and freedoms,” such as traveling abroad. The Jerusalem Post mentioned.

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► a healthcare provider in Wisconsin The pharmacist says intentionally removed 57 vials of Moderna vaccine from the fridge, causing them to be discarded. Local police announced his arrest Thursday night, but did not specify his identity. Aurora Medical Center said 500 vials were tampered with; Those who took the shots were notified. Regardless of whether the vaccination was less effective or possibly ineffective, no adverse effects were predicted.

Republican Senator David Purdue announced this Thursday He was in quarantine after contacting someone In his campaign that tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, a startling development just five days before voters decided his political fate in a run-off race in Georgia.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday Preventing the rapid passage of increased stimulus assays To $ 2,000 for the third time, calling the proposal – a key demand of President Donald Trump – “socialism of the rich.”

^ The West Virginia National Guard says it accidentally injected 42 people with Regeneron antibodies instead of the modern coronavirus vaccine.

📈 Today’s numbers: California on Thursday More than 25,000 Coronavirus deaths Health officials have said, since the start of the pandemic, it is the third state to do so after New York and Texas. New York has nearly 38,000 deaths and Texas has more than 27,000, according to a tally from Johns Hopkins University.

📰 What we read: Heart failure in children is another rare complication of COVID-19. Here’s what to look for.

In the United States: 20 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 since the outbreak of the epidemic

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States has exceeded 20 million, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. That’s nearly double the number of cases in the second country, India, and nearly a quarter of the more than 83 million cases globally.

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COVID-19 deaths have also increased in the country, now totaling more than 346,000.

India and Brazil come after the United States with more than 10 million and 7 million Coronavirus cases, respectively. The increase comes as officials race to vaccinate millions of Americans, but their start is slower and more chaotic.

New York City Police prevented crowds of any size from gathering in Times Square. Citing fears of the spread of COVID-19, police closed the world’s crossroads to vehicles and pedestrians in the middle of the night and said they would disperse any spectators venturing into the so-called “frozen zone” – the lumps surrounding the ball that historically draw shoulder crowds.

However, modest crowds of people gathered just outside the perimeter of the police, resembling a back door as midnight approached. Many have said that they want to end a challenging year on their own terms.

Small groups of revelers, some wearing bright hats, filmed their distant scenes of Times Square on their phones and erupted into cheers at midnight. There were kisses and toast, but the police quickly dispersed the crowds gathered along Broadway after the ball fell.

New Year’s Eve: Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen, many of the tequila shots were the perfect farewell to the dire 2020

Ohio Gov. Mike Dwyane said he was troubled by the relatively low numbers of nursing home workers who chose to get vaccinated and warned that The opportunity may not come back for some time. Dewane said nursing homes will have three visits to the vaccine. After the initial pause, nursing homes will be hit again to administer second doses to anyone who received the vaccine the first time and to give an initial dose to anyone else who wants it. After that, he added, only the second doses will be distributed.

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“Everyone makes a decision about this, but we want to make it clear that the opportunity may not come back for some time,” he said.

– Rick Rowan, Columbus Dispatch

Wisconsin healthcare provider Advocate Aurora Health says he’s a fired employee now I intentionally removed 57 vials of Moderna Coronavirus Vaccine From the refrigerator last weekend, causing ineffectiveness and disposal. Each bottle contains enough vaccine for 10 vaccines. At first, it “led Aurora to believe” the removal was a mistake. On Wednesday, however, one of the employees admitted that “they intentionally removed the vaccine from the refrigerator,” according to a statement issued by the health care provider. The employee was fired, and Aurora said she has notified “relevant authorities to conduct further investigation.”

Educators should be among the next primary workers in line to get the COVID-19 vaccine, and an advisory committee recommended the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last week. Some countries plan to press for these vaccines as a way to speed up the reopening of schools. The problem: The vaccine launch faced delays across the country, raising questions about whether or not it was Teachers will be able to get the shot just in time To make a difference in the current school year. Not all states wait to protect teachers before relearning in the classroom.

“We are strongly advocating for schools to open before teachers are vaccinated,” Tennessee state health commissioner Lisa Percy said on Wednesday. “We have nearly nine or ten months of data showing that schools are not an essential place or even an important place to move.”

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