Vybe Together has been banned by Apple and TikTok because they helped arrange parties during Covid

The application used a file Instagram account, Who remains online, to explain why it has disappeared from iPhones and iPads:App Store We dropped off !!! We will be back!!”

The Instagram account suggests using the app in order to “Find your feelings. Local wine nights, beer games, and dancing in an apartment near you.” The app’s slogan is “Get the rebel. Get your party.”

Neither Vybe together nor an Apple (AAPL) It promptly responded to requests for comment, but TikTok confirmed it was removed for violating community guidelines designed to counter misinformation about Covid. She said Vybe Together had 139 followers, 3 videos, and was not advertising on TikTok. The action against the app was first reported by the edge.

The Verge reported that Vybe Together has a now removed Q&A page indicating that it was supporting small gatherings, not large gatherings.

“We realize that COVID-19 is a major health problem for the country, our communities, our friends and our family,” the FAQ page said. “If we could all be in isolation, this might actually disappear. Having parties on a large scale is very dangerous. This is why we don’t support that. But Vybe is a compromise, there are no big parties but small congregations., At least a little bit during these. Times with Vybe. “

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises against holding smaller social gatherings that bring together members of different families due to the risk of the spread of Covid-19.

The CDC said in its guidance: “The more people an individual interacts with in a cluster, and the longer that interaction lasts, the more likely it is to contract Covid-19 and spread Covid-19.” Several local governments have also issued directives banning gatherings.

Vybe Together came under some criticism on social media on Tuesday, before Apple and TikTok took action. Taylor Lorenz, Technology and internet writer for The New York Times, and was a critic of Vybe Together.

He said on Twitter: “Some terrible people have created a whole app to find and promote unsafe big and indoor house parties for Covid, and they are using TikTok to market it to millions of people.” “They are currently in the midst of promoting undercover NYE Moroccans in New York City.”

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Lorenz identified a co-founder of Vybe Together, and included a person’s LinkedIn profile page. That page was offline as of Wednesday morning.

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