Report: The man who traveled to the Isle of Man to visit his girlfriend has denied returning

Well, that might not have been as expected.

The man who made headlines for a break Corona Virus Restrictions and water skiing across the Irish Sea to visit town Girlfriend He might not get the romantic ending to his story that he was likely hoping for. In fact, his actions may have succeeded in so that he cannot return to the Isle of Man.

Dale McLaughlan, from Scotland, was reportedly not provided with the certificate necessary to re-enter the Isle of Man for the work he was to perform in January.

Dale McLaughlin, from Scotland, met his girlfriend, Jessica Radcliffe, in September while working on the Isle of Man after receiving an exemption certificate, according to SWNS reports. He was reportedly working in the area to complete a construction project that had started before the outbreak of the pandemic and caused the country to close its borders to non-residents.

In mid-December, McLaughlan He was arrested and sentenced To four weeks in prison for violating coronavirus restrictions. Reckless romance traveled aboard a jet-ski from Wheathorn, Scotland, to the Isle of Man. Due to the bad weather, it was said that the journey took McLaughlan, who had never ridden a jet ski before, about four and a half hours.

McLauglan was reportedly released from prison early and returned to Scotland.

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Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Isle of Man has been closed to non-residents since March. At the time of the McLaughlan stunt, the island had only four active cases of coronavirus.

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The Chief Minister of the Isle of Man, Howard Cowell, described McLaughlan’s actions as “a very reckless and dangerous endeavor that could have ended very differently given the time of year.”

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However, McClellan was scheduled to return to work on the Isle of Man in January, according to SWNS reports. However, after his arrest, he was not given the necessary certificate to allow him to return. This could be bad news for Radcliffe, who has previously told news outlets that after the jet-ski stunt, she would say yes if McLaughlin asks her to marry him.

Anne W. Schmidt of Fox News contributed to this report.

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