Trump supporters scrapped Rose Parade after scrapping the New Year tradition

New Years Day Pasadena, California: Time for the show, isn’t it?

Some Trump supporters thought so Friday after the long-running Roses Parade – South tournament California A tradition that starts every year – canceled because Corona Virus pandemic.

At least 600 vehicles participated in the event along the usual Rose Parade. Many of the vehicles had American flags from their windows or from the beds of pickup trucks – drivers blew their horns as they drove down Colorado Street.

“Trump 2020” flags and national banners “Do not step on me” were also seen in videos posted on social media.

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In one of the videos, a Trump critic is seen mocking supporters of the president for his position on the sidewalk.

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“Pull out your mask!” A fan of Trump responded, when he saw that the clips were wearing a face mask on his chin.

Before the temporary show, a group called Trump Unity Bridge said it was planning the event to “cancel” the Rose Parade and hold the “Patriots Rose Parade,” Fox 11 reported in Los Angeles.

Colorado Boulevard is home to several businesses that have been hit hard by coronavirus-related restrictions imposed by California Gov. Gavin Newsom, according to a FOX 11 report.

The Gavin recall efforts got a big boost

Other parts of Southern California were also hotbeds of discontent with the leadership of Newsom, the former mayor of San Francisco. In early December, A video of the owner of a Los Angeles bar has gone viral After she claimed that the double standard was shutting her down while allowing the film crew to open outdoor dining within steps of her bar.

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In Orange County, there are cities like Huntington Beach They organized regular protests against what they saw as harsh restrictions.

Newsom, a Democrat, was facing up Summon effort He seems to be gathering strength from his donors.

The State of California announces an extension of the territorial home order

“The beach closures and park closures were really the beginning, I saw on the ground, the beginning of the end for him, as much as people took the subpoena seriously,” Ann Dunsmore, campaign manager and CFO for Rescue California 2021, told Fox News in early December.

Newsom’s restrictions have also been blamed on the Golden State Loss-making technology companies Like Tesla, Hewlett-Packard, and Oracle.

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The annual Rose Parade Festival usually pumps about $ 200 million into the local economy. FOX 11 reported Just another source of income that local merchants have lost since the epidemic began.

Meanwhile, the annual Rose Bowl football game that is part of the region’s New Year tradition has been moved out of the state for only the second time in its long history. Friday’s game was played more than 1,400 miles away in Arlington, Texas, due to coronavirus fears in California.

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