Tesla produced half a million electric cars in 2020

There is a possibility that deliveries will officially break the 500000 mark, and Tesla also noted that these are early numbers that can vary by 0.5 percent “or more”.

Tesla is still young compared to the bigger brands. General Motors sold 7.7 million cars in the fiscal year 2019, while BMW luxury brand sold more than 2.5 million cars. For now, at least, it’s still a niche in comparison to its more traditional competitors.

The company continues to grow rapidly, and there is no doubt that the Teslas are among the most popular electric cars on the road. For context, GM Sold out Just over 14,000 Chevy bolts For Americans in 2020 from the third quarter. While such a gap is likely to shrink Electric cars are becoming prevalentTesla has a clear head start.

Whether or not Tesla will be able to maintain momentum in 2021 is another matter. It can get you a boost from a planned start Electronic truck Late this year, not to mention updates like The S. Blade model.. The company added that the Model Y numbers should go up now that its factory in Shanghai has begun manufacturing the crossover. With th The legend of Tesla’s $ 25,000 Years later, it would not be surprising if growth slowed as the company’s business matured – even if a hopeful recovery from the pandemic leads to more people driving again.

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