Right-wing activists received large Bitcoin (BTC) donations prior to the riots in the U.S. Capitol


Just as lawmakers in the US Congress are working on measures to impeach US President Donald Trump, there is an exciting discovery coming about the riots that occurred last week at the US Capitol Building. According to the exclusive Yahoo News website TransferRight-wing activists received bitcoin (BTC) payments a month ago from foreign accounts. Retired FBI Assistant Director Frank Viglizzi himself continued to share this report on his timeline on Twitter.



Nearly half a million dollars ($ 500,000) of Bitcoin (BTC) has been paid into 22 different virtual wallets belonging to far-right activists and influencers. All this reportedly happened a month before the storming of the US Capitol. Crypto researchers claim to have identified who performed the transfer and US law enforcement authorities are currently investigating the matter.

In a blog post on Thursday January 14th, Chainalysis is a cryptocurrency compliance partner mentioned A French donor sent around 28.15 BTC a month ago on December 8th. In its report, Chainalysis mentioned internet personality Nick Fuentes for being effective in obtaining the money. The report stated:

“We now have evidence that several alt-right groups and personalities, including Fuentes, received large bitcoin donations in one deal that happened a month before the riots on December 8th. We have also collected evidence that strongly suggests that the donor was now- A deceased computer programmer based in France. “

Chainalysis also provided a detailed breakdown of who and which group received Bitcoin donations. Fuentes reportedly received half of the amount, which is $ 250,000 in BTC payments.

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Photo: CoinMarketCap

Earlier this week during a press conference, Acting US Attorney Michael Sherwin said:



“The scope and scale of this investigation into these cases is truly unprecedented.” He also added that prosecutors are treating the matter as a “major anti-terrorism or counter-espionage investigation” that includes an investigation into “funds, travel and behavior records, movement and communications records.”

More details on the same will be available in the coming days as law enforcement agencies look into the matter. Maddy Kennedy, communications director at Chainalysis, said cryptocurrencies were designed to be transparent and with the right tools set the path of funds. It specifically added that these donations have an “international scope” and should be investigated.

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