Hulu’s new $ 2 plan for college students includes a Watch Party

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If you’re in college at the moment, it’s time to get some Hulu.

On Monday, the streaming service announced a new subscription tier for college students that gives them the ad-supported version of Hulu for just $ 2 – less than a cup of coffee these days! The deeply discounted college plan provides full access to the Hulu library of licensed content In addition to the originals, including series such as Small fires everywhere And the The Handmaid’s Tale. You’ll also get FX content through the FX on the Hulu hub, which includes My My personal favoritesAnd the Developers.

This new plan includes students accessing the recently introduced service Watch the party Feature. With it, subscribers can co-broadcast series and movies in groups of up to eight people as long as everyone watching it has a Hulu login.

Watch Party is currently only available to users 18 and over, but that shouldn’t be a problem for college plan subscribers – Hulu says its new plan is only available to users 18 and over with active college enrollment. to sign up , Head here And follow the instructions for registering for the offer.

Bear in mind that your plan will go up to the normal rate of $ 6 per month without active enrollment, so take advantage of these great savings while you still can.

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