GoDaddy wins our 2020 award for most malicious corporate email

What’s the cruelest joke you can give to employees who are suffering during a global pandemic when millions of people lost their jobs or lives? GoDaddy – the web domain recorder best known for its sexual ads – tried to find out when they sent employees a fake email to let them know they’d be taking a $ 650 vacation bonus. Such as Cooper Courier I mentioned it originally, GoDaddy sent an email phishing “test” to its employees promising much-needed money; “2020 was a record year for GoDaddy, Thank you!” , She said. “Although we can’t party together during our annual holiday party, we want to show our appreciation and share $ 650 – a one-time bonus!”

Employees who clicked on the link next Reportedly received An email after two days informing them that they failed the test. Instead of receiving a vacation bonus, they will instead be required to take a social engineering course.

Phishing tests are normal, but employees promising with fake money definitely fall into the “oh no they don’t” category. Perhaps it’s worth noting that the promise of fake rewards is literally the thing of Michael Scott, the world’s worst fictional boss the desk, On his staff at Dunder Mifflin.

So congratulations, GoDaddy: You won our Brand New Award for Most Evil Company Email of the Year. Let’s hope this is the first and only time we’ve got to give it.

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