Bucs plays the starting, Mike Evans goes down due to injury

It should be clear. When you can take a week’s vacation in the NFL, you do.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers really had nothing to play at Week 17, with a closed wildcard spot and the division title not shot (although locking in the # 5 seed meant Bucs would land the NFC Champion East in the first round of qualifiers ). Bruce Arians, the technical director of the coach, said he wanted to play an integral role for the pride of their seed. Perhaps he lost one of his best players.

Star receiver Mike Evans dropped a touchdown pass in the first quarter and stayed low. It appears he has hit his knee. Evans knocked off the field, but went straight to the locker room.

Then, to demonstrate just how reckless the rookie play could be when a pirate could take up to one much-needed week, Tom Brady punched his hand on a helmet later in the drive and grabbed it. Brady remained in the game.

Arians had a strange answer last week when asked about junior play.

Arians said, “We’re going to play to win. Eleven and five, that’s very rare. For a chance to get to 11-5, keep that seed – we want that.” Sowing only to pride. We don’t care who we’re playing, it’s more of a pride. Maybe I’ll have to hit some guys in the head with a stick to try to convince them not to play anyway. I’ve spoken to them about it before and [they said], ‘I’m playing.’ We will train and play as if everything depends on him. It will not be an easy game either. “

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‘Pride’ for the seed, or keep a great recipient in the playoffs? You are making the call.

Hopefully Evans isn’t hit too hard. It was reminiscent of Wes Welker failing to blow up the AFC Champions League for the Patriots in the Week 17 match when they had nothing to play for.

In a difficult development, Evans set a record just before injury.

If Evans can’t play on the weekend, or any other Buccaneers get caught up in the largely meaningless game of Week 17, this should be a warning to other coaches in years to come. Just take a week farewell. Don’t even think about it.

Widespread Tampa Bay pirate recipient, Mike Evans, was helped on his feet after he was injured in front of the Atlanta Falcons. (AP Photo / Jason Behnken)

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