The “Google Maps Language” setting is now available worldwide

Selecting a language in the Android settings applies this choice at the system level. Google Maps now lets you set a language that can differ from the rest of your phone for menus, controls, and other settings within the app.

To access, click on your profile avatar in the top-right corner and open Settings. The “application language” now appears, with the language currently selected, as the first item in the list. Advertise for India Last monthThis option is now available worldwide:

This will allow anyone to search for places, get directions, navigate, and interact with the map in their preferred local language.

The ‘Suggested’ section indicates popular alternative options, while the ‘All’ section follows the languages. There are 79 in total, with Google asking to confirm the change. This is followed by restarting the application as the language selection downloads quickly in the background.

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