The Elder Scrolls Netflix Series is reportedly under development

between the magicianAnd the CastlevaniaAnd the next Doctrine killer And the vampire Currently in production, Netflix has become a hotbed of content based on popular video game franchises. Now, a new rumor suggests that the trend could continue again with a new series centered around one of the games’ most iconic fictional characteristics.

A new report says Netflix is ​​looking to partner with Bethesda to create a new series based on The Sheikh Scrolls Video game series. It first started in 1994, The Sheikh Scrolls It was one of Bethesda’s longest running franchises with notable entries in mainstream series series including MorrowindAnd the ForgetAnd and Skyrim. When it comes to what the show will entail, it will be a variety of live events. Netflix is ​​also said to want this show to be a mega-like the magician If it is to bear fruit.

As for where the rumors come from, they only come from one way Daniel Richtman. In the past, Ritchtman has proven to be a very reliable source and has scoops related to the film and television industry beforehand. So, while you should definitely take this report with your usual amount of salt, there may be some validity to it.

In terms of how Bethesda handled a situation like this, well, there’s a proven track record showing that he might be willing to play the ball with Netflix. For those who don’t remember, Bethesda already announced in 2020 that it is Working with Amazon to create a TV series based on its other major franchise, Drops. While it remains to be seen whether the publishing company would like to work with two separate broadcast companies to create TV programs simultaneously, the previous step shows that it is at least interested in exploring the world of television a little more.

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Obviously, there’s no confirmation of any of this yet, but if it does, imagine we’ll officially hear more from Bethesda or Netflix in the future. Until then, if you’d like to keep up with all our other coverage dedicated to The Sheikh ScrollsYou can do this via After our center here.

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