The Battle of Jordan in Alabama is out of the national title game, and its impact on the sidelines

Alabama Defender-back Jordan Patel was sent off Monday night’s National Football League match after receiving a penalty kick in the second quarter.

A penalty kick fight was reported after he appeared to hit the Buckeyes with the tight end of Jeremy Rockert with the crown of his helmet as Ohio State He was driving down for a result.

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Officials determined that Patel leaned over with his helmet and called Rockert’s helmet. Due to NCAA rules, Battle was taken out.

Then the young defensive full-back is seen on the sidelines slightly emotional after being sent off.

NFL stars JAYLEN WADDLE from Alabama advises to get himself out of the national title game

The sophomore entered the National Championship game with a total of 63 tackles, including three loss-and-interceptions in 11 games for Crimson Tide this season. Re-intercepted for relegation in a match against Kentucky.

In his new season, Patel has 30 total tackles, two for a loss, an interception and a sack.

Alabama narrowly led to Ohio State, 21-17, with about five minutes remaining in the first half of the match.

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Alabama will search for its third national championship since 2015 and Ohio will search for its second championship in the same period.

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