Texas has an agreement in place to make the Patriots CEO Nick Caserio the next general manager

The Houston Texas They removed one major assignment from their off-season list a few days after the end of the regular season. to me Jason La Canvora of CBS Sports NFL InsiderHouston has an agreement in place New England Patriots CEO Nick Casereo as his next year director. Caserio has been a Manager of Players’ Personnel in New England since 2008 and has been with the organization since 2001 which means that this is a somewhat seismic step in his NFL career.

The pursuit of Caserio by Texas dates back to 2019 when Houston attempted to push him away from Foxborough that summer after then-GM fired Brian Gaine. The main link between Caserio and Texans is Vice President of Soccer Operations Jack Easterby, who was with the Patriots for six seasons before leaving for Houston in 2019.

While Houston may have chased him before, the Patriots launched a clause in the Casereo deal that prevented him from leaving, and even went so far as to threaten to tamper with graft charges against Texas because of how he was being pursued. That was when the club backed out of trying to strike a deal with Caserio and eventually went on to appoint head coach Bill O’Brien to the GM position. Since then, O’Brien has been fired, not only from editing the role Caserio is about to adopt but also the position of head coach, something he will now help try to fill.

One noteworthy aspect of this recruitment is how it can cement Easterby’s position within the organization. to me Mike Jaravolo from NFL Network, Caserio was not one of the finalists on the list that search firm Korn Ferry provided to the team.

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Texas interviewed Matt Bazirgan, Trent Kirchner, Omar Khan and Louis Reddick, and they were scheduled to speak with Scott Cohen, all of whom were on that final list, according to Jaravolo. However, they still decided to go with Caserio. Texas CEO Cal McNair has reportedly told the candidates during interviews that they would allow the next GM to determine Eastby’s role with the club moving forward. Given the past relationship between Easterby and Caserio, it appears his role is safe to proceed with this appointment.

While Caserio did not carry a GM in the title in New England, he was essentially the de facto GM of the Patriots to Bill Belichick for the past few years.

“Nick does a great job,” Bilesic said He said about Caserio back in January of 2019. “He does a lot of different things for us. I am sure he does more than anyone else in the league in office in terms of his interactions with the team, coaching staff, college and professional scouts. He has been involved in a lot of different things and is doing a great job in all of them. His job description will be several pages. ”

Caserio has cut his business with Texas, who have just concluded a season 4-12 and are in a tough position with no first round selection this year. However, he does have a midfielder Deshawn Watson To build around, it’s a staple he won’t have to look for when this period begins in Houston.

As for the Patriots, assistant crew manager Dave Ziegler might have the inside track in replacing Casereo.

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