Ron Rivera regrets the midfielder’s problems in Washington: ‘I made a mistake and I’m counting on him’

Ron Rivera managed to understand the NFC East disaster this season, driving Washington Soccer Team To the first division title since 2015. But the team would have been better off if the midfield was different, at least that’s what the coach thinks looking back.

Rivera, who lost his team to Tampa Bay Pirates On the Wild Cards tour, he was candid about his mistakes last season in an interview with WJFK On Monday, he again signaled the start of his troubles at boot camp.

Taylor Haynek’s hopes will remain overtaken by a performance against Buckners in Washington

“Yes, I would. I would. I would,” he said of giving other players a chance. “The biggest thing I would have done was that I was going to create more opportunities to mix up everyone around us. Contrary to saying, well, I’ll stick to just one person and do it. Now I think later on, and again, too late in 2020, I would.” .

Washington passed by four midfielders this season.

The season started with the midfielder in the second year Dwayne Haskins For starters, before Rivera sits him on the bench Kyle Allen, Who previously trained him in Carolina Panthers.

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After Allen injured his leg at the end of the season, Alex Smith He was promoted to beginning midfielder until Washington’s wild game against the Boss, when fourth midfielder of the series Taylor Heinek was chosen as the starter in place of the injured Smith.

“What I’m saying is that I made a mistake and I own it, and that is the truth,” Rivera added on Monday. “To make it as simple as that, here’s what I’m saying. I’m just being honest.”

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It’s unclear what direction Rivera will go next season in terms of the midfielders.

Heinicke made his case during a breakout performance over the weekend, in which Rivera said he “got a chance”.

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