Queen Elizabeth’s “deepfakes” message to Prince Harry and Meghan – deadline

A funny digitally edited version of Queen Elizabeth’s annual Christmas address was broadcast on BBC and ITV Friday, providing a serious message while the Queen’s real address is being sent.

The “deep“A copy of Queen Elizabeth II He made numerous swipes on the royals, the Queen even danced into her Tik Tok routine. All of this is designed to warn of the ease with which misinformation can spread in the digital age.

Deepfakes use a person’s image or voice in a realistic video that typically delivers a strange message while claiming to be a real broadcast.

“If there is a topic for my message today, it is trust.” The fake Queen said in the revised version that aired on Friday: Trust what is real and what is not.

Britain’s Channel 4 said the fake video was designed as “a blatant warning about the advanced technology allowing the spread of disinformation and fake news in a digital age.”

The fake Queen Elizabeth II offers some zingers, indicating the Prince’s withdrawal Harry and Megan Of royal duties and Prince AndrewRetreat from active participation in most activities of the royal family. In the case of Megan and Harry, she notes, “There are few things more harmful than someone telling you that they prefer the company of Canadians.”

Buckingham Palace has not commented on the letter.

Queen Elizabeth’s true annual Christmas message attracted a large audience, and it is believed that the total number of views was Its highest rating in years. It topped the BBC One and ITV Christmas Day rankings.

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Watch the deepfake video above.

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