PFT’s 2020 NFL Wild Card Qualifiers

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I know it’s now officially the “Super Wild Card” playoffs. Other than clarifying this point, I will not call it that. (Best of “Super Duper.”)

But what I will do, besides MDS, is choose the 6 games to be played this weekend.

Before that, we need to finish some loose ends from the regular season.

For Week 17, it went 14-2 and MDS went 13-3. He won the regular season competition, 167-91 to 164-94.

For the difference, she went 96-1 and MDS was 8-7-1. For the year, I am at 120-126-10 and it is at 104-142-10.

We’ll reset everything to 0-0 and give 13 games after the season ends. It’s picks for the first six of them.

Ponies (+6.5) Bills

Take MDS: Indianapolis has a strong defense, but I just think Josh Allen has so many weapons to choose from for the Colts to lock him down. Philip Rivers He might play well, but ultimately Allen and the Bills will do enough big plays to host a match in the divisional preliminary role for the first time in 27 years.

Choose MDS: Bills 28, 24 colts.

Florio takes: The Colts need to level up the running game and take the full 40 seconds of the play hour as much as possible, while Bills Quarterback Josh Allen is kept on the sidelines for as long as possible. Beals need to move Allen, unleash him as a runner – as they did last year in the qualifiers – and have confidence that he won’t be as daredevil with the ball as he was last year.

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Florio’s Choice: Bills 34, dowries 20.

Ramez (+3.5) at Seahawks

Take MDSRamez’s defense should play well against Russell Wilson, But I’m not sure I can trust a Ram attack, no matter if it is Jared Goff or John Wolford In the quarterback. I’d love for Seattle to win a close match and a low score.

Choose MDS: Seahawks 16, Rams 13.

Florio takes: Russell Wilson is too deep into his career to cement his legacy in a team very likely to be led by John Wolford.

Florio’s Choice: Seahawks 24, Rams 21.

Pirates (-8.5) in Washington

Take MDSThis is a game closer than people think, where Washington’s defense matches well with the Tampa Bay offensive. But in the end I think Tom Brady Makes a big play, Alex Smith Come in short, and get ahead of the pirates.

Choose MDS: Pirates 20, Washington 14.

Florio takes: The key to stop Tom Brady is to press it in the middle. Even so, the opponent needs to score points. Washington won’t be able to score enough goals – unless Chase Young has several touchdowns of his own.

Florio’s Choice: Pirates 31, Washington 14.

Ravens (-3.5) in the Titans

Take MDS: Crows come strongly in time, and defense of Titans is extremely questionable. Think Lamar Jackson He will be playing a big game as he is getting his first playoff win.

Choose MDS: Ravens 31, Titans 30.

Florio takes: The Ravens have already won five times in a row De facto Playoff games. This is the best way to turn the page on the story that they cannot win the qualifiers.

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Florio’s Choice: Ravens 27, Titans 21.

Bears (+10.5) in Saints

Take MDSThe Saints have the best defense Mitchell Trubsky Face this season, and I don’t think he will be up to the challenge. New Orleans would comfortably win.

Choose MDS: Saints 27, Bears 20.

Florio takes: It might be another agonizing exit from postseason looming for Saints. But not on Sunday.

Florio’s Choice: Saints 30, Bears 20.

Browns (+6) at Steelers

Take MDSThe Browns barely won last week, when they had everything to play for and the Steelers had nothing to play for. This week, the Steelers showed they’re the better team.

Choose MDS: Steelers 30, Browns 17.

Florio takes: We are close to knowing the value of a good coach, given the absence of the Cleveland head coach.

Choose Florio: Steelers 27, Browns 17.

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