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In this episode from Bitcoin MagazineFed Watch, Christian Kerroles and Ansel Lindner take a look at the events of the past few weeks and put them in perspective. It also gives us an optimistic vision for the coming year that only the Bitcoin space can offer. This demo always delivers macro insights you can’t find anywhere else!

The episode kicked off with a quick discussion about censorship and the Bitcoin Twitter migration. It is very appropriate, in the modern internet age, to change our idea of ​​censorship to primarily include online speech and digital transactions. Bitcoin will, of course, play a pivotal role in returning power to people and helping shape discussions going forward.

Lindner attempted to contextualize these events along with other similar events from the not too distant past. The main difference today is that society is in a populist, revolutionary mood. Since a similar event in the 1980s or late 1990s was not treated as a “revolt” or “the end of America,” the world today is at a different point in the great cycle, and is prepared to explain things this way. Whether it is a 100-year debt cycle or the 100-year fourth generation turnaround, these events, at this time, cause specific reactions.

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After that, our hosts summed up the situation for several assets such as gold, dollar and commodities. Gold is expected to struggle over the next six months, while the dollar is recovering, and the build-up of commodity inventories will create pressure for the recent rally.

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Finally, the presentation concludes with summaries of what they expect in 2021. It is a very hopeful vision for the future. Bitcoin is a steadfast guiding light at this turbulent time, and although things may get a little worse from a political perspective over the next year, history and Bitcoin show us that the future is still very bright.

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