More “unfinished business”, Georgian football RB James Cook announces his return

Athens – James Cook Announcing his return for another season, it appears that the Georgia Soccer attack suddenly may be the best in the SEC next season.

The Bulldogs had confirmation earlier in the hour that second-year midfielder JT Daniels was also returning for the 2021 season and was “unfinished business”.

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Minutes later, Devonty White also announced a defensive intervention that he would be returning for “Unfinished Business”.

Cook’s tweet revealed that Georgia had the next season’s logo in place.

Young from Miami, Cook evolved into a wrecked player in last season’s Todd Monken Attack, and looks like he’s a perfect fit for Air Raid’s concepts.

Cook was the # 2 in the Bulldogs with 303 yards over 45 loads in eight games. He also finished fourth on the team at receptions, recording 16 catches at 225 yards, including an 82-yard catch for 82 yards against Alabama.

James, younger brother of NFL star Dalvin Cook, missed Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl last Friday due to the untimely death of his father.

Cook makes a comeback in a talented background with the comeback of emerging new talent Kendall Milton and mixed-use sophomore Kenny Mackintosh.

Junior Georgia Zamir White, who beat two knee surgeries in his effort to fulfill his NFL dreams, has yet to announce his intentions for the upcoming season.

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