Check the facts: Video of a man in an airport rage was expelled from the plane for rejecting the mask policy and not because of the Capitol mutiny

Why did the 18-second video spread so fast? Partly because someone on Twitter – not the one who actually recorded the video – added a comment indicating that the man had been placed on a no-fly list for being part of the insurgency at the U.S. Capitol.

“The people who stormed the Capitol on Wednesday are now learning that they are on no-fly lists pending a full investigation. They are unhappy with this,” said the tweet using RayRedacted, He said In the caption.

The facts first: The annotation on Twitter was inaccurate: The airport accident was not related to the Capitol Rebellion. Instead, the man in the video was asked to disembark from Charlotte’s flight to Denver for refusing to comply with American Airlines’ mandatory mask policy, airline spokesperson Curtis Blessing told CNN.

“On Friday, January 8th, a customer was asked to disembark from Flight 1754 at Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) for refusing to comply with the mandatory face-cover policy. The customer complied with disembarkation requests, and the flight departed at 7:42 PM EST for the airport. Denver International (DEN) “.

Blessing said that after the mask incident, the man was placed on American Airlines’ disapproval list, which is essentially that airline’s no-fly list, pending further investigation. But there is no basis for suggesting that he was on the government’s flight ban – in which case it was highly unlikely that he could board a plane at all – or that he was banned from flying for any reason. Associated with the Capitol Rebellion.

The video was originally posted on the social media app TikTok by Tania Dominguez, who told CNN that she was at Charlotte airport waiting for a different flight. Own comment He said: “Homeboy had a complete toddler breakdown before being asked to wear a mask.” (She later said in TikTok’s series of comments attached to her video that she wasn’t sure the accident was related to masks. But it was proven true on her initial instinct.)

The video shows a man walking down the hall with his face covering his chin, rather than his nose and mouth. He appears emotional as he screams about being kicked out of an airplane and supposedly fell victim to unknown people who claimed they wanted to destroy his life.

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CNN was unable to contact the man, whose name has not been revealed.

After CNN reported on Twitter on Tuesday that the RayRedacted tweet incorrectly indicated that the incident was related to the Capitol Rebellion, RayRedacted tweeted correction “I first received incorrect information,” he said. As of 3:50 PM on Tuesday, the patch tweet received 20 retweets – versus more than 107,000 retweets on the inaccurate initial tweet, which remained online.

I am not the only one

This Charlotte video wasn’t the only airport video that went viral with wrong commentary in the wake of the Capitol Rebellion. For example, videos of an arrest incident at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida have been widely shared with posters claiming to also be linked to the insurgency and “#NoFlyList” – but like the Tampa Bay Times. pointed out, The videos were actually shot a couple of months ago.
Democrats in Congress, including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, have them call For participants in the Capitol rebellion to be placed on the government’s no-fly list. But it is unclear what, if any, measures are being taken. The Office of the House of Representatives Chief of Homeland Security, Benny Thompson, a Mississippi Democrat who last week asked the FBI and the Transportation Security Administration to add all of the Capitol-identified rioters to the federal flight ban list, said Monday that it had received no update on Whether the agencies have done so.
TSA He said In a statement on Monday, he said he was on “high alert” following the Capitol accident and “travelers will notice additional law enforcement and dog powers at the three airports in Washington, DC.”

CNN’s Pete Montaigne contributed to this article.

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