Bill Bilesik’s praise for aircraft is overrated

Bill Belischik praised the 2–13 soccer team very much.

In his weekly “Belestrator” segment with, Bilesick lashed out once more on Gates coach Adam Gas and midfielder Sam Darnold, among others, as he reviewed the Regular Season Finals on Sunday.

“You can see Darnold here in the face of the Miami lightning attack, and he’s really doing a great throw here,” Bilesic said over a video of Darnolds from losing planes in Week 12 to the Dolphins. He can do all the throws, deep throws, intermediate throws and use his back.

“… Darnold has a big arm and he’s a huge guy who can stand in a pocket there and do a good job of delivering the ball.”

While it is not out of the ordinary for coaches, especially Bilesik, To pay tribute to the next opponentsThe Patriots head coach seems to have done his best to do so.

Bilesic began to shower Darnold with compliments On Wednesday, even as many believe it is down this season. This has led to speculation Aircraft can choose a replacement For the 23-year-old in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Gase recently took charge of Darnold’s struggles, but Belichick said he doesn’t think there is anyone better for the job at Florham Park. There was speculation Gase might join Belichick employees Next season, Gase is expected to be launched by Jets after Sunday’s game.

“Coach Gase is an excellent game planner, he designs challenging games for defense and does a good job in the call-to-play area as well in terms of contacting them at the right time, and he has a very good sense of rhythm,” Bilesick said in the video shared on Saturday on Twitter.

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Belichick also complimented broad receiver Jamison Crowder in the video preview, as well as defensive endings Nathan Shepherd, John Franklin Myers and full back Tarel Basham.

For Bilesic’s side, the Patriots (6-9) will miss the qualifiers for the first time since 2008.

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