Ben Dominic on Americans’ lack of confidence in the electoral system: ‘We need to address it’

Publisher of “the Federal” Ben Dominic Calls for more transparency in American The electoral system, pointing out that some Americans do not trust Vote Process during 2020 presidential election.

“We don’t have the entities established here in America to look at these kinds of problems in a serious way,” Dominic said. Brian Kilmade On “Fox and Friends“Monday. I think this is unfortunate, and I think it needs to be addressed.”

“I think that in any situation that a large number of Americans do not trust in the electoral process, this is a bad thing,” he added. “We need to address it.”

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A group of Republican senators led by Senator Ted Cruz, Republican from TexasAnd the He issued a joint statement On Saturday, they said they would not vote to certify the election results unless a 10-day audit was conducted in the disputed states.

“An honest and reliable vetting procedure – conducted expeditiously and terminated well before January 20 – would significantly improve Americans’ confidence in our election process and greatly enhance the legitimacy of anyone who becomes our next president,” the statement read in part. “We owe it to the people. We are not working to thwart the democratic process, but rather to protect it.”

Congress is set to vote on whether to endorse the Electoral College results on January 6. Senator Josh Hawley, R. Mo., With Several members of the House of RepresentativesThey also said they would contest the testimony.

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“I completely understand the people making this argument,” Dominic said, noting the need to investigate election integrity concerns without endangering the entire Electoral College system.

Georgia’s Senate hurries off to set records for the vote

Dominic stressed the importance of having a system in place for asking potential questions about election results.

Dominic said: “We do not have an approach that allows us to investigate, find the facts about this matter, and the ability to bring them to the American people.” “As is currently the case, we haven’t looked at these types of things in the past.

“If we are going to poll by mail, we will apply the approach that was used in this election from now on, and people must be able to trust it.” [and] We trust. This is not something that I think we’ll get out of the process. “

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Dominic also called on the media to be more responsible when covering election integrity concerns.

The responsible media say, ‘Well, how do we deal with it, how do we solve these questions? “Instead of just playing politics and being a party representative.”

Dominic argued that, for several years now, many corporate media entities have “basically looked away from anything they don’t like, anything they don’t want to cover.”

Dominic said, “They pretended that things were the way they wanted it, unlike how it really is.” “This is something that I think will be an ongoing problem.”

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