“Begging” for a second chance, he blew it

The fatal flaw in De’Vante Bausby is his handling problems. Coach Vic Fangio frankly revealed that this defect was the reason why the Denver Broncos rode the pine in the second half of Sunday’s loss to the Chargers.

Fangio considered Bossby’s play And therefore Poor, the fourth-year professional is seated in favor of non-designer apprentice Parnell Motley, who joined the Broncos less than two weeks ago.

He did not utter words – nor did he pronounce.

“I didn’t like the way Bausby was handling, or not interfering. I took him out earlier in the match, begged for another chance, gave him him, then he completely signaled another intervention in the second half. Fangio said after the 19-16 defeat.” I thought [Parnell] Motley got in and competed – he played again very quietly there in the last round. But as for how much preparation he got and where he is in his career and being here for a few days, I thought he went there and competed and did his best. “

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Perhaps there was something to Denver’s apparent reticence regarding Uzbey, whose 2020 trip included a period of work with the coaching team and a cup of coffee with the Arizona Cardinals, after the Broncos initially felt they were replaceable. He doesn’t shine in the specials, which hurts enough for a player from the bottom of the list, but intervention – a “non-negotiable” demand for Fangio – takes shape as the last nail in his orange and blue coffin.

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It speaks volumes that Bausby can’t stay on field for Denver High missing out in the top four (AJ Bouye, Bryce Callahan, Essang Bassey, and Duke Dawson).

But the tape does not lie. Bausby demonstrated his inability or unwillingness in multiple tackling opportunities while he was covered by Chargers’ rising midfielder Justin Herbert. It ended with 3 odd stops before it was removed.

Motley made a solo intervention in 15 defensive shots and generally stuck to himself as the Broncos nearly scored a victory in the second half. The former pirate and 49er should take advantage of his short debut in a growing role in Sunday’s regular season final versus Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, Busby, who hasn’t been signed after 2020, may have intentionally snapped his last meaningful photo in a Broncos costume.

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