Arthur Planck repeats that Matt Ryan and Julio Jones may not be returning

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As the Hawks’ team searches for a new general manager and head coach, owner Arthur Blank continues to send the message that the hires received will not be bound by the center section. Ryan died And the recipient Julio Jones.

“What I think is important, and most importantly, is that we hire people who are, number one, the best at their jobs,” Plank said recently during a press conference at the end of the season. “That went without any warning. Who would come up with a plan for us to have a championship team, a competitive team, etc. That might include Matt and Julio at the moment, for the next two or three years, or maybe not.” I have no idea. “

After sacking coach Dan Quinn and GM Thomas Dimitrov, Planck made it clear that there was no guarantee that Ryan would return in 2021.

“Matt was a captain of excellence for us,” Planck said at the time. “Quarterback awesome. A midfield player of his last 13 years in the NFL. So I hope it is part of our plans going forward. But That would be a decision I wouldn’t make. “

Last month, CEO Rich Mackay linked restrictions on the ability to move from Ryan and / or Jones.

Give us a planMackay said. “Show us what you want to do and show us why. Show us how this leads us to the Ws and make sure the plan is really implemented.”

So while Planck appears ready to defer judgment to GM and the new coach, McCay appears willing to reserve the right to veto if his “winning streak” without them is not convincing. That plan would include building a list around a $ 44 million ceiling fee (the maximum holding figure would be $ 40.9 million). For Jones, his maximum trading fee would be $ 23.25 million; The maximum retention fee will be $ 23.05 million.

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As an interview for both job candidates, it becomes imperative to know whether they would have the freedom to move Ryan and / or Jones, whether Mackay would be able to object to him, and / or whether Mackay would turn his eyes on Plank if they dealt with This decision or any other decision in a way that he does not want.

In fact, they must assume that the last part is correct. And frankly, these candidates before accepting jobs in Atlanta must look for jobs elsewhere that give them a direct chance of ownership, with no one else in a position to agree or undermine the decisions they make in the best interest of the team.

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